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September 2017

Four Hidden Benefits of Workplace Safety Labels

Four Hidden Benefits of Workplace Safety Labels

With more organizations using a standardized collection of warning labels known as the Globally Harmonized System (GHS), we’ve seen a dramatic improvement in workplace safety over the last few years. Safety signs play an important role in preventing injuries and are critical to workplace safety. However, they can do more than inform workers of any potential hazard and the precautions to be taken. From way-finding signs to biohazard labels, warning signs can provide the following hidden benefits.

1. Way-finding signage

Although way-finding signs are designed to help shuttle users from one point to another,.safety messages can benefit anyone who is navigating a facility.

• Way-finding signs can steer users clear of hazardous areas by informing them of alternate routes. These signs can help improve workplace safety by warning users of slippery surfaces or places littered with heavy-duty machinery.
• Way-finding signs can point out lifesaving equipment such as fire extinguishers, outline emergency routes and help send users to fire exits during emergencies.

2. Arc flash safety signs

biohazard labels will provide guidance on how to mitigate potential dangers and promote safe work practices. With such signs, users can easily identify which types of personal protective equipment must be worn under certain conditions or in a given area.

4. Equipment maintenance signage

Industrial machines require routine inspection, maintenance, and repair services. Safety signs can help keep your workers safe around any equipment that requires servicing. Here’s how:

• Lockout or tag-out signs: Apart from informing your workers of ongoing lockout or tag-out (LO/TO) procedures, these labels will let your employees know when a specific machine needs LO/TO before servicing.
• Specific hazards: These labels can warn workers about the unique dangers of a specific machine such as the risks posed by high air pressure or the equipment’s moving parts. In such cases, your employees are likely to take appropriate measures before they begin work.
• Instructions: These labels can serve as reminders, ensuring your employees read directions and check oil or fuel levels before they start work, and shut off machines before servicing.

5 Benefits of a Furnished Rental

5 Benefits of a Furnished Rental

Moving into a new apartment can be a very exciting process. When you are choosing between apartments, one option to consider is an unfurnished apartment. While many people like to buy their own furniture, there are five advantages that come with leasing a furnished apartment that should be considered.

1. Easier to Move In and Out

The first advantage of renting an apartment that is already furnished is that it is much easier to move in and out of the apartment. Moving into a new property can be a physically and emotionally challenging process. It can also be very expensive to hire movers to more big pieces of furniture in for you. When you lease an apartment that is already furnished, much of this cost and frustration can be completely avoided. Instead, you will only have to move in your small personal belongings.

2. No Need to Buy Furniture

When you are looking to move into a new property, another advantage is that there will be no need to buy new furniture. Buying a new television, bed, couch, and other items can be very expensive for any person. Even buying these items from a discount retailer will still end up costing you thousands of dollars. While furnished apartments may be a bit more expensive on a monthly basis, you will be able to completely avoid much of the initial costs that come with furnishing a new place.

3. More Flexibility Leases

The third advantage of a furnished apartment is that the terms tend to be much more flexible. Leases for furnished rentals tend to be targeted for people that are looking for a short term rental with less commitment. This normally gives you the ability to negotiate a lease term that meets you needs, which can range from a few months to over one year.

4. Ability to Decorate

The fourth advantage of getting an apartment for a short-term rental is that you will still have the ability to decorate. When you are looking to rent an apartment that already is fully furnished you may not completely like the décor. However, you will still have the ability to decorate around the items. By putting up some of your own artwork, getting throw covers for chairs and couches, and doing a few other simple things, you can quickly add your own style to the apartment, which can make it feel more like home.

5. Established Utilities

Another advantage of most apartments that come fully furnished is that you will likely also have all necessary utilities established. In most cases, the landlord will be used to having the apartment turn over from one tenant to the next pretty quickly. In these cases, they will likely have all of the main utilities already established and connected. This often will also include cable and Internet, which means you will not have to spend any time or money having these connected. Furthermore, the cost of these utilities is often already included in the base rental price.

In conclusion, when looking for a new apartment, one option that you should consider is getting a short term rental Toronto that comes fully furnished. There are five benefits that come with furnished apartments, which you may not receive when getting an unfurnished unit.