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August 2017

5 Reasons to Have Your HVAC Unit Serviced Regularly

5 Reasons to Have Your HVAC Unit Serviced Regularly

Homeowners rely greatly on their ability to stay warm indoors during the winter. They may also take for granted the ability to keep their homes cool during the hot summer months as well. However, if the furnace or air conditioner is not working properly, it may be as hot or cold inside as it is outside. Let’s look at some reasons why it is critical to have your HVAC unit serviced on a regular basis.

1) It Doesn’t Cost a Lot of Money

A service plan may be purchased for less than $100 a year. Most plans include scheduled service appointments twice a year as well as discounts for any repairs that may need to be done. Compared to the normal cost of repairing or replacing HVAC components, you are saving yourself hundreds or thousands of dollars for each year that you own your unit.

2) Enjoy Better Air Quality

As part of an HVAC service appointment, it may be possible to have blower fans and interior ducts cleaned. This is worth doing regularly because dust and other debris can make the fans work harder than they need to, which can cause it to use more energy to keep your home at a consistent temperature. Dust is also flammable, which means that not getting rid of it could mean allowing a fire hazard to linger in your home. Finally, cleaning the ducts means that dust and other allergens don’t travel through your home each time the furnace or air conditioner is in use.

3) Increase the Useful Life of Your Unit

By properly maintaining your HVAC unit, you extend its useful life by several months or years. This may mean that you don’t have to spend $1,000 to $5,000 or more on a new furnace at a house that you own or that you use as an income property. If you are trying to sell that property, the ability to provide a buyer with a properly functioning HVAC system is a bigger selling point than you may realize.

4) Don’t Risk Voiding Your Warranty

If you have a warranty on your HVAC system, you could risk voiding it by not having it serviced at least once or twice a year. If there is anything wrong with your furnace or air conditioner, most parts are covered by the warranty, which means that you have nothing to lose by having it inspected. Service appointments can generally be scheduled for whenever is convenient for you even if it means an evening or weekend appointment.

5) Temperature Extremes Can Cause Health Hazards

If the temperature in your home gets too cold in the winter, it could lead to hypothermia no matter how many layers of clothing that you have on. In the summer, you could easily get heat stroke if the temperature in your house gets too high. Existing health problems could be exasperated if there is no way to get rid of moist air that is common during the summer. Young children and the elderly are the most sensitive to extreme temperatures, so keeping a comfortable temperature could mean preventing a medical emergency for your kids, parents or grandparents.

As a homeowner, it is important that you take care of all essential components on your property. Maintenance appointments only take a few seconds to schedule, and any needed repairs can be handled in an affordable and timely manner by someone who will do the job right the first time.